We are proud of the fact that Silverado Cable is a full service provider to our customers. We have the necessary engineering support as well as all of the equipment that might be required in the manufacturing of your cables and harnesses.

We have a team of professionals dedicated to the production of 1st Articles. This team is associated with the engineering, quality and production departments. They determine the best manner of manufacturing and are instrumental in determining the necessary inspection points and the creation of production travelers. In the startup phases of a new project or program we count on strong customer involvement. This helps to reduce future errors and builds a strong level of communication between both companies.

During the startup phases of a new project or program a strong communication link is established between Silverado's Program Development Team and you, our customer. This helps to eliminate potential production problems during the manufacturing process.

Silverado Cable treats each customer as a separate production entity. Each production team is given their own production staff trained specifically to your program. Additionally, each team has its own dedicated floor inspectors, production team leaders and quality control personnel. Having this team approach greatly reduces the possibility of manufacturing errors.

Engineering Support

Silverado Cable has a fully staffed engineering office to support the needs of our customers. These individuals thoroughly examine your drawings, bills-of-material and other documentation in order to determine the best method of manufacturing your assemblies in order to maximize quality and minimize time and expenses.

These individuals are responsible for creating customer drawings as well as creating manufacturing plots.

They are involved, jointly with the Quality Department, in every step of the pre-production process, which includes creation of innitial manufacturing job paperwork through to the creation of the first articles.

Our engineers can be closely involved with individuals at your company to assist in component selection or to offer component alternatives as required.


Wire Preparation

Silverado Cable has several different machines designed  for cutting, stripping and marking wire and cable.

This picture shows our Tri-Star fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed UV laser wire and cable marker.

Additionally, we have wire processing machines from Schleuniger, Eubanks and Omni.

We also have a Spectrum Technologies Sienna 110 laser wire stripping machine.

A full spectrum of labels are also available for wire marking.

Silverado Cable can handle any cutting, stripping and marking requirement.



Over Braiding

The braiding of wire harnesses and cable assemblies adds not only an attractive appeariance to the assembly but can provide anti-abrasive as well as grounding benefits. Typical applications include the aircraft, automotive, marine and electrical industries.

  • Added strength and protection
  • Branch identification through use of multi-colored patterms.
  • Braiding materials include Nomex, Nylon, Peak, Kevlar, and tin plated copper.

Silverado Cable has a complete braid shop which includes two 18 spindle, two 24 spindle and a 36 spindle machines. We can perform multi-level, metal and color coded braid.

 Injection Over Molding

Silverado Cable can perform over molding of connectors and back shells exactly to your specific requirements.

We have a state-of-the-art 80 ton vertical DEMAG press and can mold a wide variety of plastic materials.

Many of our injection molds are created in-house, however, we do work closely with local tool makers in order to minimize lead times on custom tools.

Over molding is necessary in many military or other environmentally severe environments. It also provides a rugged strain relief system.


Potting Capabilities

The purpose of potting assemblies is to create

protection and an environmentally secure seal

that results in prevention of liquids seeping into the contact area. It also acts as a strain relief.

Silverado Cable has broad experience with potting connectors and backshells and we use a wide variety of potting materials.

We have a complete metal work

shop where we make all of our

own custom posting molds.

Our tooling includes a state of the art Kent CNC Knee Mill which is fully programmable for accurate and consistent results when we create multiple tools for larger production volume requirements.

Since we manufacture our own potting molds in-house we can

create whatever mold shape is needed for your particular application.


  This potted connector

has been cut in half to

prove that total

encapsulation of the

wires has


We can perform a

variety of post production

tests, including


for verification of

water proofness

and X-ray.