At Silverado Cable, the most important message that we impart to our employees is that all of Silverado's products are considered "life critical". People's lives depend upon the proper functioning of our products and this principal is highly stressed at Silverado Cable.

The company focus on quality begins at the date of hire. All new production personnel are put through a rigorous week long training class, regardless of their previous experience or knowledge. A full time experienced trainer covers such subjects as documentation comprehension, correct use of tools, responsibilities for quality and production rate requirements. At the end of the training week, each person in the class is given a written exam as well as a hands-on project in order to determine if they have mastered the material. If they pass their tests they are placed in the production environment where they will gain continued education by working with a floor trainer and a quality inspector.

Assemblers are encouraged to strive for higher levels of competency through the taking of additional training classes. There are six skill levels that an assembler can achieve.

We believe in continuous training of all of our managers as well as our assembly personnel. Training includes safety procedures, assembly techniques, interpersonal skills, management training and other subject matter.