Production Quality Process

At Silverado Cable, quality is the most important priority. Since 2003 we have been ISO9001 and AS9100 registered. We have established internal quality procedures to handle your order from the moment we receive your request for quote through to the time you accept the finished assemblies at your facility.

RFQ- Your inquirery begins its journey through our quality system in our Program Development Department (PDD) from the moment we receive your RFQ or Purchase Order. Any pre-production issues will be resolved through your contact with someone from this department to ensure that there are no surprises later in the production cycle. Your contact will inform you as to when you can expect your quotation, prototype assemblies or when full production will commence.

PRE-PRODUCTION - The next step in the quality chain is in our Pre-Production/First Article Development Team. All first articles are manufactured by a group of individuals that represent Quality, Engineering and Manufacturing. Together they create the test parameters, production traveler/process, custom assembly jigs or fixtures and establish the manufacturing methods that will ensure conformance to our quality levels and standards.

PRODUCTION - Actual production is performed by individuals that have undergone several levels of training; both classroom and hands-on. There are six levels of training and these individuals have been tested and proven capable of performing the level of assembly they are assigned. Every assembly undergoes several in-process inspections prior to completion, and then are subjected to tests for continuity and any other requirements. A final 100% visual inspection is performed to verify that labels, knots, keying, component placements and other visual details meet the requirements per your specific requirements.

PACKAGING AND SHIPPING - Silverado  utilizes specific quality methods during the packaging of your products. Protective wrap, connector protection, and other special precautions are taken as required.

TRACEABILITY -  A major factor in the quality system involves traceability. As such, we maintain records of every step in the manufacturing process from receipt of raw components all the way through to shipping yo your finished products. If questions should ever arise regarding one of our harnesses we can show the history of the harness, starting with the manufacturer's lot number on the components we used; who kitted the assembly components, which assemblers manufactured the product, which tools weree used in the manufacturing process, when those tools were calibrated, who performed the in-process inspections, who performed the electrical tests (we maintain copies of the test resultes), what individual performed the final visual inspection and who packaged the product for shipment.

INTERNAL SYSTEMS QUALITY - All Silverado departments undergo periodic internal audits in order to verify that we not only meet or exceed our own quality objectives, but also to evaluate and implement process and procedure improvements.. Continuous Improvement is not only a goal but a driving force at Silverado Cable.

MEASUREMENTS - We monitor and maintain matrices on the quality of the products we deliver to our customers. Charts and matrices are maintained and distributed internally so that all employees are aware or our standing. For the year of 2007 our quality levels for all delivered product was 99.66%.


Silverado Cable Company is committed to customer satisfaction, compliance to customer, corporate and quality system requirements, and to continually improving the quality of our products and services.