Silverado has received a number of awards for service and performance:


  • The Boeing Company - 2007 & 2008

      Performance Excellence Awards

  • The ASBA (Arizona Small Business Assn) - 2008

      Company Culture Award

      Top 50 Companies to Watch in Arizona

  • Arizona Association of Industries

      Small Business Manufacturer

        of the Year for 2007


  • City of Mesa, Arizona

       Small Business of the year - 1998

  • Lucent Technologies - 2001

       Outstanding Performance

  • Varian Electronics - 1997 and 1998

       Electromechanical Supplier of the year



On May 27th, 2008 President Bush visited Silverado Cable Company. He discussed his business tax incentive program with the two owners, Bob and Mitch Simpson. At the conclusion of his facility tour the President made a brief speech outlining the purpose and goals of his stimulus program that fosters job creation and corporate expansion.