Silverado Cable places a heavy emphasis on delivering our products to our customers on the date they were promised. It all starts with a strong communication between Silverado and you, our customer. By having a dedicated customer support person at Silverado, you are quickly notified of any potential issues that may arise concerning your order. If you have changes to schedule requirements they are quickly analyzed and communicated to the production floor. We work together to make certain that your needs are met.

This all comes about as a result of the true partnering between your company and our staff at Silverado Cable.

Daily production scheduling meetings are an integral part of Silverado’s ability to deliver our products on time. We utilize a long term scheduling program that allows us to examine your demand for products from the back end of your schedule. Based upon our time studies, this gives us the vision to know exactly how many persons we need working on your project at any given time and further adds to our ability to meet your required delivery dates.

In many cases, we can build ahead of your schedule in order to maintain a safety stock of your products. This is particularly valuable for those customers that have frequently changing production requirements.

For both 2007 and 2008 the Boeing Company has recognized Silverado for excellence of both delivery and quality. We have a long record of 100% product quality, and on-time delivery per the promise date.

One of our customers called Silverado Cable ”… a no maintenance supplier... I don't have to babysit them."

We have been assessed against the standards for LEAN MANUFACTURING and were rated among the top performing manufacturing companies.


This illustrates an example of a wire harness prepared for shipment to one of our customers.

• The harness is carefully coiled in such a manner as to eliminate the possibility of wires getting bent or damaged during shipment. Also, this method simplifies uncoiling by the end user.

• Every connector is individually bagged with bubble wrap protection in order to eliminate damage due to sliding around in the shipping container.

• The entire harness is encased in a sealed plastic bag and the inspection verification tag is taped to the outside of the bag. This tag shows the customer part number, revision, quantiy, lot number and is

stamped off by the inspector.

• A Certificate of Compliance accompanies each production lot, harness or assembly.