At Silverado Cable, every customer enjoys many privileges:

  • Your inquiry and order will be handled by someone in our Program Development Team. Your dedicated contact will  be your point of contact until your project gets to the full production phase.
  • Our Engineering Department willl closely scrutinize each new drawing. Should there be any issues, your engineering personnel will be contactd prior to the beginning of the assembly process, thus avoiding costly mistakes and down time.
  • A pre-production meeting is held to review all dreawings, tooling and test requirements for your specific job.
  • After our engineering personnel have created the production traveler to show in detail how to manufacture your product, each new assembly will undergo a first article review. Individuals from engineering, production, quality and the dedicated first article team will all be present.
  • You will get a dedicated production team that has been fully trained on the specifics of your requirements.
  • You will have a dedicated quality control department that monitors and oversees your production line as well as performing all necessary in-process inspections.
  • Our procedures and processes are in accordance with ISO9001 and AS9100 standards.

Every production job will be computer traced throughout the kitting, assemlby, test and final inspection phases. This is accomplished by having the operator scan the job as well as their identification information into scan centers located throughout the facility.

We utilize a fully integrated software program in order to fully trace your job through each stage of it's manufacturing cycle. As such, you can be informed of exactly where in the manufacturing process you job is at any given time.

This ensures total traceability in every phase of production. In effect, we retain data regarding the components used, the employees that touched your assembies, a copy of the test report for your cables and a copy of the certificate of compliance.