In-house I.T. Department

We have an in-house Information Technology department that is staffed with highly trained individuals that maintain and update our server, other computers within the company, and our software programs.

In order to maximize our capabilities we have invested in the latest hardware and software systems. We host and maintain our own website and have software to support every aspect of our corporate environment from finance and order processing to the tracking of live data regarding manufacturing progress.

These tools support our efforts to create a full service environment for our customers.


Operational Software:

Fourth Shift™ - This software system incorporates a complete manufacturing software program. It handles quotations, MRP and purchasing requirements, finances, customer order tracking, bills of material and other requirements in an integrated format. All departments can interact with one another in a live data arena.

From receipt of a request for quotation through to shipment of finished product to the customr, this software tracks every step in the process. As each step is completed, the software automatically notifies the next department in the process that they have a new requirement. For example: when engineering cretes a bill of materials, purchasing is automatically notified that component pricing needs to be secured.

We know at a glance where in the production process your order is and when it will be completed, and records of every phase of the process are maintained in a computerized format for further reference.


Engineering Software:

UniGraphics™ - This software allows our engineers to create and design in 2 and 3 dimensional parameters. With the addition of our 48" plotter we create working drawings and plots for production.

AutoCad™ - This engineering software program is used to create drawings of your assemblies and can also be used to create the production plots and drawings.


Calibration Software:

Cal Nav™ - Our tooling department utilizes this program in order to maintain calibration record of our production tooling. Additionally, this program provides notification of shelf life information on all time sensitive materials, such as solder, potting compound and other items.


Labor Tracking Software:

Scanner software - All production activities are monitored through live scanner data directly from the production floor. Each production employee scans into their job and through these means we can identify which assembler performed the task, how long it took that individual to complete their job and exactly where in the production process that particular assembly is.